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Mentally been places, but I'm 
St. Helena's Own - MSC JAY

One of South Carolina’s most gifted lyricists, MSC Jay is helping to redefine an entire
genre’s sound, as well as shine light on his hometown - Saint Helena Island. With a
population of roughly 8k, it didn’t take much for the multi-faceted star athlete
turned rapper to stand out. MSC Jay’s career ambitions were always centered on
sports and music. Destined for greatness no matter which path he chose, the artist in
him took over and he followed suit in pursuit of hip-hop fame. Being that
authenticity and storytelling is the cornerstone of the culture, the 23-year-old MC
has been setting the modern benchmark of success for his young counterparts for
years. He’s an avid student of the top-tier rap stars before him (Biggie, Jay Z, Lil
Wayne, Webbie, Boosie, Gucci, Jeezy) and also a businessman selling his own
branded merchandise. Making his dreams a reality, MSC Jay is next up with expertly
constructed rhymes and a charismatic appeal that will soon give him the
mainstream attention he deserves.



Gullah Records,





Litehouse Management,





Dee Double



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